Mum club

Soo….I’ve moved to a new town…… I have no family ,no friends here, just me my other half and my beautiful little human, I’ve decided to blog occasionally because why not.

So new town stuck at home same routine.

It’s 7.00am my daughter the little human rises…, today is the day… that’s right people were off to mum club, see these things make me nervous am I going to be judged for my parenting, will these people make me feel insane, anxiety is at a good 85.5%, is my life now just being a mum well we’re about to find out so little human changed check, little human fed check, little human dressed check, little human happy check, and were off.

So we have a meeting point I’ve messaged the mum group, see am not one for getting involved in these kind of things ,were I used to live I didn’t go out much I liked my bubble but the option was there, see in this new town I want the option, for some reason that makes me feel a-bit more sane, anyway I arrive at the meeting point its rammed with people , see everyone else’s thoughts was shall we just go somewhere else and hit the next destination…not me I might of looked ok but in the inside I was like I know this place I new I only needed a trusty crispy ten pound note but to my surprise we’re going somewhere else, so what if I don’t have enough? do I say I’ve only got ten pounds so can we just consider my finances and hit Greggs and a nice bench next to the hobo?, or do I keep smiling like I can afford to go for caviar and afternoon tea?, well that’s what I did, so off we trot this group of pushchairs and prams central, we’re in everyone’s way, see the paths aren’t built for groups like this we’re like a stampede of elephants getting to the next destination do, I just bail now, “sorry guys but I’ve just had a message my house is on fire “, or carry on the random day.

So we’ve taken over public transport that’s right we didn’t think to go to the nice café round the corner straight to the other side of the planet this mum group is serious, also they have all stepped away from me on public transport because I didn’t pay that’s right I just hopped straight on see I only have ten pound so I have to think wisely about my moves to get through the day without having to leg it with a pushchair like a wild women all because am skint.

So we have a couple of Options at this destination there’s one I would be more then happy with good old McDonald’s, but yet again this mum group obviously have deep pockets and head to a place I’ve never been before now am I going to do this, can my trusty crisp ten pound note succeed the challenge.

so after arranging the whole place to fit the tribe in we’ve moved tables, took every high chair in the building and we’ve all been handed menus and as I frantically look for the cheaper option the waiter loudly asks what drinks do you want ,well I forgot to think about this one didn’t I ,do I just say I don’t want a drink will that seem strange? but to my surprise the mum group delivered that’s right I heard the words of a saviour “can I just have a glass of water please” I was saved yes waiter I will have one of those too I’ve obviously over thought this situation and forget I had to get a drink too anyway, that problem is solved and onto the menu.

Soo.. the mum club have there shit together, there all prepared you name it they had it they was fully locked and loaded for any upcoming situation, not me there I am thinking I am all prepared then to my surprise the meals have come we’re all chopping and passing to are little humans and bam I forgot the bib looks like my little human is going to walk out here looking like a ball of spaghetti ,but who cares at least we got this far!.

Then before I had time to think about the bill the mum club delivered again, that’s right two for one vouchers and after all that panicking and thinking will I have to leg it can I even do this and after everyones little human sat in there high chair behaving so nicely, my Tarzan of a child is chucking spoons, Menu’s and trying to do the great escape climbing and shouting literally making the other little humans that are the same age 10 months old that is, look like absolute god sends, after all that it wasn’t so bad after all.

See for one I somehow had three pound change from my trusty crispy ten pound note so were there’s a will there’s a way people!! That’s right three pound and I don’t know about what you think but I think this was a success!.

Anyway I jump back onto public transport and as my little human is napping finally, and I sit and have two minutes to think, mum club wasn’t so bad after all and to be quite honest us mums are all the same, the daily hurdles and the general role of making sure there ok means your doing ok to and sitting back and thinking they wasn’t judging me they wasn’t trying to be better then any other mum or have an option on our parenting, that’s right they was doing the same thing as me I guess am just trying to say don’t be afraid of mum clubs guys cause all the people in the club are mums just like us!.